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Written By: admin - Sep• 07•12

When you regularly do meditation your concentration level will significantly increase.
You will feel contempt of you self. That means in situation when you got irritated or some unsatisfactory behavior of social, economical, political, financial, family etc aspects, take some time alone. Close your eyes and just try to forget all materialistic problems. Just try to concentrate between the eyes down the forehead and just recite any mantra (such as Om) . You will get a little contempt of your heart by doing this. Regular practice of this words will make you feel sound and full of contempt and confidence.
If you are medically unfit then try to meditate regularly even when you eat, take bath or just doing any kind of work. Just try to recite in your mind the word (OM, Ram Ram, Hare Krishna or any thing else word related to GOD). Doing this you will recover in shorter span of time. Continue your medication also but try to meditate regularly.

When you do Meditation regularly you will come into new about new things about spirituality from your internal knowledge. but that are not allowed to tell everyone. Otherwise you will lose those contempt, happiness or anything else you experience during meditation.

Try to read some religious books and listen to good music that motivate you to spirituality.

One important thing about doing meditation is that when you do this regularly, you will come to know good things true while experiencing meditation that are written in religious books such as (Gita, Kuran shreef, Guru Granth Sahib, Bible etc.) but you will forget those things when you stop meditation. This is so because when you do meditation you are under blessing of God, but when you stop meditation, that blessing is not stopped but you are not accepting or taking those blessings. But it doesn't mean that God has stop blessing. God never stops its. It is being Continuously spread over every single creature of god. But only difference is that when we go near to god we are taking it and when we are going away from god we are taking less as compared to other. When blessing become to much less due to our ignorance then we become corrupt and irritated person. All kinds of bad things come into our mind and we forget all things that we should obey as GOD told us to obey us. But we don't and that is only reason of not being happy person in this world.
As i have told already that when we meditate we get blessing of GOD and when we don't meditate we ignore those blessings. Hence taking blessing is in our hand. This only due to blessings of god that we are capable of understanding the complexity of this world and true Motive of coming in this world. This is only due to blessings we come into know that the things written in various religious books are true. When we Do meditation regularly each time of day, we continuously keep our self in the contact of god and take those blessings and hence we do not forget the true complexity of this world and instruction of GOD for human beings. Hence, we only forget things about GOD when we go away from god and blessings are reduced due to our ignorance.

Also we only remember GOD only in grief and not at the time of pleasure. If we meditate at the time of Pleasure, the blessing of god will come upon us at greater strength and it will rise us in spirituality with more strength and we are capable of taking some precious blessing of god. However, when we meditate in grief, our concentration level is dropped due to our problems. And we could not got feel of those blessing, however strength of blessing of GOD is not changed but we are unable to feel it due to 0ur grief. So, if we remember god in our prior time, we are capable to reduce the grief because the blessing of past will remove the grief of future. Hence we should not forget GOD in pleasures time too other wise we will not be able to feel the real contempt.

Note:- If you want to find all written in religious books to be true then do this practice that do meditation at your own level anywhere, anytime and in any posture and doing anything. When you get the blessing of GOD only then you will be able to distinguish if they had told correct or wrong. So, do not go to things which take you away from GOD. This is not easy but regular practice of day to day will make you be able to get the true blessing of GOD which will provide you true happiness and contempt which MOST RARE THING IN THIS WORLD.

Thank You.
Dinesh gill.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a guided meditation and an example of one?
    I go to a Catholic school and my teacher wants me and my class to write about a guided meditation even though she did not have enough time to explain what it was during class.

    • ANSWER:
      A guided meditation is simply when the person meditating listens to, and follows the directions of, someone providing instructions (this can include listening to a recording).

      Examples included guided visualizations, or even guided relaxation techniques. Another example would be a guided loving kindness meditation, where the person in the "guiding" role might say something like,

      "Bring to your mind someone you find it easy to wish well. Picture them in your mind and say to yourself, 'May this person be happy. May they be at peace. May they be well and free from danger.' Now bring another person to mind, towards whom you have an effectively neutral regard. Picture them and say to yourself, "May this person be happy [etc.]' And now bring to mind someone you experience conflict with ... [and do the same thing]."

    What tools, methods, helps do you employ for meditation? How do you focus and when do you find it most helpful
    I usually meditate at least twice a day using soft classical music, or instrumental Christian music, I light a candle, turn down the lights and currently I am using "The Imitation of Christ" as my devotional guide, I also try to say the Rosary daily which is another form of Catholic meditation. Thanks all for another day of interesting debating and learning. Good night.
    Peace Be With You,

    • ANSWER:
      I focus on my breath. I cannot filter internal or external distractions easily, so I become an 'observer' and watch them float by like logs going down a river. I cannot use music or incense that distract me. I do use posture and a special place when possible.

      I use the methods taught in "Healing Power" ten steps to pain management and spriritual development. I like focusing on one of the spriritual qualities in the morning and use affirmations related to it (on a card) to keep it in mind throughout the day. I know nothing about rosary tho mate is RC, but I like the idea of having the 100 spiritual qualities in a bead string to consider. I think I neglect some.

      You can use any passage or idea on a card to keep it in the front of the mind through the day. It does not even need to be 'spiritual'. You can use other self-improvement ideas, inspirational passages or something to further goals and dreams. My goal is to feel calm and safe in all situations.

    okay... so everyone i need you to answer?
    everyone wants more detail so here you go. i am a roman catholic Filipino-Irish male who wants to know what is power animal is. i think this would help bring out my unknown potential. i previously tried guided meditation for this and saw a wolf. but i am not sure if i meditated right. any shamans, people who have done this before, etc. please email me or answer back:

    • ANSWER:
      try here

      it will help you bring out your potential ,but not through finding a power animal. It just helps you do it by yourself.

    Lent started a few days ago, and I was thinking of becoming a catholic. Sometime's I have deep sesions of meditation alone, and I always tend to think of becoming catholic. I recently found out I was going to prison for a few years, and have been stugling to battle off demons that are swarming around me like vultures. I see and feel them in my every day life constantly. I have been wanting ot become a catholic for many years now and am wondering if its too late to begin being that it is already 2 days into lent. If I decide to become Catholic then I enter into period of Catechumenate and I am referred to as a Catechumen. This period usually lasts less than a year right? but it can last for many years right? During this period I will be assigned a ??? sponsor ??? to serve as a spiritual guide.
    All a bit confusing at the moment., I however have been trying to do my research though.
    To participate in the rite of election. This is when your name is written in the book of people who will receive the sacraments. The rite of election usually occurs on the first Sunday of Lent. This day has not come yet, for today is friday febuary 19th 2010. It is 5:05 am and I can not sleep. Im not suposed to eat any meat except fish correct ? On this friday ? I know I sound ignorant but I am trying to learn on my own which is a daunting and seemingly difficult task to just dive in to.
    To enter into a period of reflection which lasts throughout the Lenten Season. During this period, the good qualities of your soul are strengthened and the weak qualities are healed. This is what I have read. I am in agreeance with this and it seems to give me somewhat of a piece of mind. If that makes any sense at all. and in the end.., it will be ..., to complete the process by entering in the period of Mythology. During this period you will strengthen your Catholic faith. You will also be known as a neophyte. This will last though the next Easter season. Why they use the base word "myth" is a bit confusing to me. Im overwhelmed at the moment in not understanding alot of this stuff. Im terrified to attend church because I have no clue as to when I should stand when I should neel, when I should sit, andI dont want to look like they guy that should not be there. I dont want to be made the subject of cruel conversation. I forsee this happening already because I have tattooed fingers tattooed hands and my arms are covered as well. I can not conceal my hands easily. Its somethingI have to live with. Though one of my tattoo's that cover the whole top half of my arm from my sholder to my elbow is the virgin Marry nobodywould see it. lol. Not that it matter's, I'm just saying :P
    Im ready to become a true catholic, Im just overwhelmed. I am confused bi RICA ? and all of the things involved with becoming a catholic. I have been raised my whole entire life as a non denominational christian and have mostly attended baptist churches my whole life (when I did attend) which I will admit is not often at all. I have been baptised, and have accepted the father the son and the holy spirit. But I am as I said EXTREMLY overwhelmed at the moment.I know Im rambling but anything you could say might help me to understand. Not alot of what I have read and researched has made sense to me. I have led a very ugly life in the past and have done many evil and hateful thing's. I pray that on judgement day I will be able to pass through god's gate and enter into his kingdom. LORD FORGIVE ME! I am lost at the moment.., please help me. Im going to go down a road that is very difficult to travel in the next few years, and I need jesus by my side to help me get through it. Anything you can help me with would be greatly apreciated. God bless! And thanks for taking time out of your day to read my thought's
    Some....., response's (not all) neglect to keep in mind that Ill be going "away" for quite some time in a few weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      Why not become a Christian instead? Would you rather follow the Pope or follow Jesus? Btw, Lent is not biblical.

    Is it bad to be much of a daydreamer?
    Hello, I know this question has been possibly asked thousands of times on (English) forums and Y! Answers itself, but I need to explain my own case.

    Ever since I was little I've had fantasies of fiction works like Harry Potter, video games like Pokemon, and movies like The Lion King. I mean like making Simba or any Pokemon an imaginary friend in an imaginary world like HP... you get the idea.

    Well, right now I consider myself to be somewhat creative (by random method) but daydreamer and in an extreme either "pays no attention to this or pays whole attention to that". By that I mean I might be playing a game and not paying attention to even, say, a fan on highest speed 2 - 3 meters from me; however, in contrast I've found myself walking around the house without noticing what I'm doing and at the streets only following a trail and the thoughts on my mind.

    A problem here is that I can be playing this whatever game (alone on PC) and pay full attention to it (or better said, no attention to outside distractions as said aboce) but still having random thoughts on my mind: I did this thing a few hours ago at school, I met this person I dislike again on the bus, I wonder how people may be so divided on this game, some hating it and others loving it... etc.

    The "creativeness based on random method" I mentioned before means that I'm better at getting ideas / brainstorming at having random thoughts and writing them down than rather sticking to the usual "I need ideas, I need ideas, I need to find new ideas" thought.

    I want to find a balance in here, I might not be even expressing most of the problem but I dislike / fear the idea that I won't be able to be creative if I finally get that balance. Why do I fear it and how would it affect me? I'm an Industrial Engineer student, I don't need lots of creativity in my job as much as I need to learn quality inspection procedures and stuff, but I'm also a writer and an artist (drawing) and I really want to become a film director someday.

    I'm a Buddhist (former Roman Catholic, still in the process of "self-guided conversion") and try to do meditation to clear my mind, I try to practice twice a week but still dunno if I'm doing it right. I don't wanna make drama here and explain my whole life but I can also say I'm worried about stuff like my parents' conflicts (horrible stepfather), their debts and stuff like that.

    I know it's not directly related to me, but it somewhat is...

    By the way, I'd love to try to keep this question's tone clean, but I do require to add some more kinky info. I'm Bi, I like women and men equally but prefer fantasies with people of my same gender. Whatever, that shouldn't be important, but would having sexual fantasies make daydreaming more common and end up with me not being able to have good focus on anything? I've tried to limit them to only when I masturbate.
    Something that I forgot is that I'm also unable to listen to Music while on the computer, I mean I can leave iTunes playing any playlist but sometimes I find myself deep on my thoughts again... this happens when watching a video, playing a video game, etc.

    • ANSWER:
      i heard surfing the web too much lowers your concentration

    What is Budism? Could someody please explain this for me?
    Ive started taking a meditation course thats run in a buddahist centre. The course itself doesnt require you to be a budist and the folks running it dont try to convert you or anything like that. but they seem very chilled out, easy going and relaxed kind of people who are at peace with themselves. I have to say that im curious about this budism thing now. The centre were im doing the meditation runs an introduction to budism course and im thinking about checking it out. I was raised a catholic but it was forced upon me and so, since i was 18 ive rejected catholism. But theres something inside of me that needs answers or something, im not quite sure. Ive no interest in getting down on my knees and worshipping or kissing anybodys ass. I want something thats a guide to living as a good human being, something that will help me gain peace within myself. Can Budism help me? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The sects of Buddhism are more diverse than the denominations of Christianity. It is hard to sum up the ENTIRE thing as it ranges from polytheists (sects originating closer to India) to atheists (sects originating closer to Japan).

      Basically Buddhism is a religion/way of life based on the teachings of the Buddha (historical Buddha was an Indian Prince later called "Shakamuni") which is concerned with good and bad karma as it relates to a cycle of reincarnation. The eventual goal is to achieve enlightenment, sometimes called Buddhahood. Enlightenment is a state of obtaining all the knowledge of the universe, being in complete tranquillity and breaking the cycle of life and death.

      All philosophies of the Buddha are based in wisdom, love, peace and compassion. To end suffering and bring peace and harmony to all is the goal of all Buddhism (when you boil it right down.)

      Some sects believe only male monks can achieve enlightenment, whereas others believe that all lay members can become Buddhas.

      Shakamuni (historical Buddha) explained that his earlier teachings were provisional and not the final message. He needed to teach the earlier teachings so that people would have the knowledge base to learn the later teachings which was his main goal. The differences in Buddhism is due to which sutra/teaching people are following. Closer to India are polytheists practising the first teachings where he was bringing people away from Hinduism. The transit follows his journey through Tibet, China and moving to Japan.

      The Buddhism that I follow is Japanese. It was refined by a prophet called Nichiren Daishonin, which some people call the True or Original Buddha. (His existence was predicted by Shakamuni). In the Buddhism that I practise the only object of worship is the Gohonzon, a scroll containing the most important passages of the Lotus Sutra, one of the final teachings. The fundamental principle is "Devotion to the Mystic Law of Cause and Effect" (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo).

      Though it may not manifest right way, each action and thought creates an immediate effect (reaction) in your life, so be careful what you do. Want to learn what are right actions, how to do them and bring good things into your life? Then follow the way of study and practise. This brings peace into my life.

      Hope that helps. Buddhism as one topic is HARD to cover!

      For a better description and a place of reference to find more information:

    I am looking for a place to lead me on a path towards a loving God. Where can I go?
    In Toronto.
    I was raised by my parents an atheist, but I am starting to realize that it is not exactly for me. I have been practicing yoga and meditation since I was 14, and I feel a strong pull towards it. I know it is non-denominational, but now I am looking for something similar. I studied Buddhism in school quite a lot, and think it is a beautiful way of thinking.. Also, while much of my family is Catholic, I don't think I could bring myself to go to church, even though I kind of want to, just because it wouldn't feel right to me. I am, most simply, trying to find a God to guide me towards love of myself and of others.

    • ANSWER:
      My old pastor from Southern California relocated to Toronto. He is the best. He is kind, teaches the bible really well, and always patiently answered all of my questions.

      265 Albion Road
      Toronto, Ontario
      M9W 3P1
      Telephone: 416-741-5587

      I'll provide you with a link to his church.

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